About Me

Hey! I’m Jamie (she/her/hers) and I’m the face behind The Teal Appeal. I got my Bachelors in Studio Art with a concentration in Paper Making from Rosemont College and my Masters in Science in Art Administration from Drexel.

I’m passionate about all things creative – from Old Perodicals and collages to stream raiding and adult jokes (I got em’ all!). I love getting inspired by others and am always rambling through new projects. So if you’re looking for some creative inspiration, or just want to chat about all things art, you’re in the right place, friend.

Jamie looking at the camera with her hair down and glasses on. She has a big grin on her face

Here’s my story

Yo! I grew up in Maryland but fell in love with Pennsylvania while receiving a Bachelor’s of Studio Art at Rosemont College. I became a Philly resident a few years later when I came back to attend Drexel’s Master’s in Arts Administration program. I’ve worked in multiple non- profits, and my time at the Philadelphia Art Alliance opened my eyes to the world of contemporary craft & design. I have been developing my personal arts practice with an emphasis on paper making and mixed media. During the 2020 pandemic I embraced digital socializing and began streaming studio work on Twitch, where I engage with other creatives. I’ve shown my work in non-traditional venues like bars, cafes and pop-up art fairs and festivals.

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